7 Ways a HR Agency Can Help You Attract The Best Talent

Oct 1, 2023 | HR Related

In this article, we’ll examine 7 of the most effective hiring tactics that an HR agency in Singapore uses to attract the best talent. Continue reading to learn how recruitment agencies in Singapore help you hire faster, fill more positions with higher caliber prospects, and acquire better candidates.

1. Develop your corporate identity

Let’s begin with the most challenging issue. Perhaps the most crucial factor in luring, selecting, and keeping top people is employer branding. In fact, 72% of recruiting managers concur that it significantly affects hiring success.

How come? Simply stated, what attracts individuals to work for and with you is your company’s reputation. Consider businesses like Netflix, Nike, and Apple. They stick out as leaders in their field because they have distinct goals, personalities, and manner of speaking.

You won’t be able to build a killer brand on your own. To create a brand that prospects want to perform with, you’ll need to collaborate with an HR agency or other departments like sales and marketing.

We guarantee that if you have a strong employer brand, finding exceptional applicants will be much simpler. Learn more about how HR recruitment companies can help you hire talents for your workforce.


2. Establish a program for employee referrals

Employee referral systems are nothing new, yet they are still difficult to implement correctly. Asking your staff to recommend excellent individuals from their networks is a simple method to make contact with top talent. The best thing is that it is free.

One of the finest methods for recruiting with recruitment firms in Singapore is through employee recommendations because:

  • Referred candidates experience less churn.
  • They are higher caliber hires.
  • They shorten the hiring process for you.
  • They are economical for sourcing.
  • The key to successful employee referral systems is to achieve a balance between quality and incentives. But not their poor connections — you want your team to proactively recommend individuals from their network.

The good news is that creating employee referral programs is simple, affordable, and yields benefits quickly!


3. Decide based on data

Hiring outstanding prospects needs to be a data-driven process, regardless of whether you’re utilizing an ATS or not. There is a lot to evaluate in recruitment processes since you can’t handle what you can’t assess.

All recruiting tactics of job recruitment agencies in Singapore include data collection, reporting, and analysis, which will enable you to track your progress over time.

The following are among the most crucial KPIs to monitor:

  • Rate of application completion
  • Rate of qualified candidates
  • Price of hiring
  • When to employ
  • Response rate for candidates

You can determine which recruiting methods within your department are effective and which ones need to be updated by analyzing recruitment statistics. Making your procedures more digital by utilizing remote recruiting solutions is advised if you’ve had trouble capturing data in the past.


4. Improve your hiring procedures

Per position, most businesses receive several hundred applications. There are just too many applications for one recruiting specialist to manage on their own. Outsourcing your hiring process to a HR agency offloads your recruitment efforts.

The conventional hiring procedure doesn’t work at these numbers; you need to be creative. Here is what we would advise:

  • The Conventional Hiring Process
  • Job posting > Curriculum vitae > Phone Interview > Interview > Final Interview > Offer.
  • The Creative Hiring Procedure
  • Job posting > skills assessment & video introduction > interview > offer.

By including recruiting exams into your application process, you have reduced that six-step procedure to four. Merely sophisticated hiring software to streamline the procedure for you — no more CVs, no longer the need for repeated meetings.

This kind of creativity is fantastic for applicants as well since it allows them a fast response and a more interesting approach to display their skills.


5. Make yourself known to passive candidates

An upsetting statistic is that top talent leaves the job market in less than 10 days. This calls for prompt hiring at the appropriate moment and prompt offer making.

However, there is some happy news: there are plenty of passive possibilities. 70% of the potential in the world, as per study, is untapped and waiting to learn about better chances.

You won’t interact with passive applicants on job boards because they aren’t actively seeking new positions. Instead, you should embrace a long-term approach to hiring people.

The long-term exposure, awareness, and attraction of your company are the main goals of talent acquisition. Your goal is to become recognized as a passive talent by enhancing all of these criteria long before they begin seeking for a new position. Because they’ll remember you when they ultimately go on the market!


6. Be adaptable in your interviews

One of the most important phases of the hiring process is the interview. They take a lot of time, but they also provide you the chance to observe applicants in action and gauge how well they fit with your culture.

Despite this, both applicants and employers may find the interview process to be rather unpleasant. The interview process may take up to 27.5 days for employers, and applicants are 39% less inclined to accept a position if the interview goes poorly.

If you can, do remote discussions to save time while also enhancing the applicant impression. Use best practices, such as minimizing interviewer prejudice and increasing diversity, to perform your conversations as objectively as you can. By including interview advice and frequently asked concerns in your context, you can demonstrate to your applicants your desire for them to succeed.


7. Establish a talent pool

Finding excellent individuals with the required abilities and expertise is the most difficult task in the world of recruiting. Building a top-tier talent pool is the greatest approach to have a list of qualified prospects on hand.

A talent pool is frequently misunderstood to be nothing more than a list of names and numbers. Ideally, a talent pool would have the following data about potential candidates:

  • Experience
  • Soft and hard talents
  • Attributes
  • Career objectives
  • Cultural fit for your business
  • Appropriate roles

We strongly advise creating a talent pool if you’re planning to use any long-term recruitment techniques. It will speed up the hiring process, cut expenses, and keep job seekers interested in your company.


Concluding words

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