Case Study

Empowering Flexibility: Consumer Electronics Workforce Case Study


In the ever-shifting landscape of consumer electronics, a sector known for its constant evolution, challenges often loom on the horizon. Our case study delves into a compelling narrative, offering insights into the common issues faced by businesses in this industry. From the complexities of swiftly assembling a dynamic digital marketing team to the delicate dynamics of fostering a harmonious employer-employee relationship, we explore the real-world challenges that businesses encounter. 

Within the consumer electronics industry, a complex tapestry of challenges emerges as our client strive to innovate and adapt.

1. Rapid Team Assembly
Our client urgently required a specialized digital marketing team for a project with varying timelines. Assembling a flexible workforce of contract experts within a tight two-week window was a formidable challenge.

2. Mediation Solutions
Disputes and grievances between the employer and contract employees arose, threatening to disrupt operations. Effective mediation and resolution processes were required to maintain a harmonious work environment.

3. Employee Support
Ensuring that contract employees were effectively integrated into the client’s company vision and goals was a top priority. Responding to employee-related issues and grievances promptly and effectively was essential to maintain workforce cohesion.

WGT’s Impact on Positive Transformation

Headhunted within 2 weeks time frame and assembled a team of professional marketeres.

10 Contracted Staffs Placed, of which 2 were converted to Permanent position.

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