Getting the Services of a Recruitment Agency Can Increase Your Productivity by 50%! Here’s How!

Sep 23, 2023 | HR Related

We all know that a hiring process can be lengthy and at times quite stressful. We have a few options when it comes to recruitment. Allowing our HR department to handle staffing related personnel is one. Or we can engage in a Recruitment Agency who are experts in the field. There are obvious reasons why internal recruiting is beneficial to a company, it saves cost, applicants can directly get to know the company and branding, you can clearly gauge whether the candidate is a suitable fit to your company culture. However, there are also many advantages of using a recruitment agency when looking to hire.


Recruitment agents are the professionals in the field. A major advantage in deciding to opt for recruitment services is the applications you receive will be condensed to only those that are the best fit for you. Candidates will have gone through a lengthy screening process that you may not have the time to do in-house. While going through this process, recruitment agencies will have gone through more candidates than what HR personnels will have the time for. Hence, when reaching the final stages of the hiring process, the fit of the candidate should be close to what you are looking for.


It is also a point to note that recruitment agencies in Singapore actively build an on-going candidate database. This means that the information you receive of applying candidates could have been collected over a period of time. A lot of candidates make contact with a recruitment agency whether they are looking for an immediate job opening or not. What this allows is for longer relationships to be made and more history (past jobs, likes, dislikes, developed skills etc.) of the candidate to be gathered over time. A longer time of knowing each other also can bloom a closer, more personal connection between agent and candidate which benefits you to have an accurate and factual account of the person you will be potentially hiring.


There are many agencies around Singapore that specialise in different industries. Another benefit is that recruiters have industry knowledge no matter which field you are in. Their job is to provide you with all insights of the current market – available talent, salary rates, current career expectations and skill-sets to make your hiring process easier. When hiring on your own you can be receiving applications from anyone or everywhere, from zero experience in the field or if you are lucky a highly skilled individual. Engaging in a recruitment agency can reduce this risk of going through applications that are irrelevant to the job fit or industry.


Overall, when you do not have the resources of time to conduct interview after interview, it is always best to hire a recruitment agency. The hiring process can be extremely time consuming to organise and lengthy carry out. Taking these responsibilities away from your HR can free up a lot of productivity time and cost for personnels. At a basic comparison, consulting a recruitment agent may be more expensive however, long term costs that incur from a repetition of misfits can far outweigh agent costs. To outsource your hiring process will bring you only candidates worthy of your time and consideration for an interview.

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