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Unlock the potential of data-driven, internationally recognized assessment solutions that empower HR professionals to excel in strategic talent acquisition, selection, and development. 


Big 5 Personality Test

It is used to assess an individual’s traits based on the Big Five model (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism). It offers valuable insights for hiring and personal growth, enhancing understanding and leveraging of personality traits.


Logic & Analytical Reasoning Test

A comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate an individual’s problem-solving abilities and logical thinking skills. It measures critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and the capacity to analyze complex situations. This test is valuable for academic, employment, and analytical roles, providing a quantitative measure of logical aptitude.


Customer Service Test

A specialized assessment aimed at evaluating an individual’s customer service skills and aptitude. It measures qualities like communication, problem-solving, empathy, and adaptability, providing valuable insights for hiring and training customer service professionals to excel in their roles and enhance customer satisfaction.


Psychological Typology Test

An extensive assessment that examines an individual’s psychological makeup. It classifies individuals according to psychological typology, offering insights into personality traits, motivations, and communication approaches. This test proves valuable for personal growth, enhancing team dynamics, and strengthening interpersonal relationships through a deeper comprehension of one’s own and others’ characteristics.


Master Test for HR Decision Making

It is a holistic assessment designed specifically for HR professionals. It assesses their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, enabling data-informed HR decisions. METIS empowers HR experts to enhance talent management, recruitment, and workforce strategies, driving organizational success and expansion.

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