Case Study

Sculpting Efficiency & Talent in Logistic Transformation

In the fast-paced logistics industry, efficiency reigns supreme. To address the specific concerns and challenges of one of our valued logistics industry clients, we embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their operations and refine their talent management strategy. This case study illustrates our path to exceptional results, all while addressing their concerns and challenges.

Our client, a prominent player in the logistics industry, approached us with specific challenges they were facing:

1. Prolonged Time-to-fill
This does not only disrupts the flow of logistics but also places undue strain on our client’s existing staff, resulting in increased operational costs and a potential loss of competitive edge. Swift and efficient hiring is paramount for maintaining the supply chain’s integrity and overall business success.

2. High Turnover Rate
Our client incurred substantial financial burdens, including recruitment and training costs, leading to a loss of vital skills and knowledge. This negatively impacts productivity and employee morale, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and the company’s industry competitiveness. Addressing high turnover is essential for financial stability and operational efficiency.

3. Rising Cost in Talent Acquisition
Advertising costs have surged due to heightened competition for the same pool of qualified candidates. Companies now need to allocate larger budgets for job postings on various platforms, recruitment events, and marketing campaigns to stand out in the crowded talent market.

WGT’s Impact on Positive Transformation


Reduced Time-to-fill


Cut Employee Turnover


Below Industry Hiring Cost

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